Lu Nelson

Front-end Systems, Creative Development and Prototyping

Hi, I’m a freelance front-end web designer/developer in Berlin. I specialize in responsive design and in static- and JAMStack-based web applications. I also maintain some Open Source projects.

For inquiries, please get in touch by email or on Twitter.

Open Source

The following are some of the open source projects that I maintain. All of these are used in my work and actively developed.

Capturable—thus testable—invocation of @error, @warn and @debug directives in Sass. Essential for any test suite. Compatible with dart-sass and libsass.
Math operations on mixed unit and/or calc()- or var()-based values. Includes utility for removing calc() formatting. Compatible with dart-sass and libsass.
Use calc() to express any dimension as a linear function of a parent dimension, within precise bounds. % em and v* viewport units supported. Compatible with dart-sass and libsass.
Use Sass’ core map-get() and map-merge() operations on nested values. Conforms to feature proposal in this thread; also adds nested map-set().

Alpha Projects

These are projects I use internally, not yet publically released; but feedback is welcome.

A Sass CSS framework based on a hybrid utility-object methodology and making extensive use of CSS custom properties.
The hybrid live-server/static-site-generator with which I build most of my projects. It integrates Browsersync, Webpack, Sass, Pug and Markdown-It (with more integrations to come!).